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Our owners, Rodney and Michelle opened Allys Bistro in 2011.  Their vision was to create a small bistro that was welcoming and served fresh ingredients and flavorful food.

In 2021, they were given the opportunity to open another restaurant in Wauwatosa, Allys Powerhouse!  Located in the historical M10 building, that once powered the Tuberculosis Sanitarium.

Their approach to food isn’t complicated. Fresh ingredients, the right amount of spice and flavors, and all served within moments of being prepared. What’s even more important is the welcoming atmosphere created by their dedicated team members. They know that what their guests feel when they walk into Ally’s for the first time, sets the tone for everything else. So they strive hard to make sure each guest feels welcomed, as though they are walking in as an invited guest to their home.


Whether you’re dining at Ally’s Bistro in Menomonee Falls, or at Ally’s Powerhouse Café in Wauwatosa, Rodney and Michelle want to say, "Welcome to our home. If there is anything they can do to make your visit more pleasant please let us know."

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